Your Neighbor: Benefits of an Independent Pharmacist

Your local independent pharmacists are your most accessible health care professionals and take the time to truly connect and consult with each patient they serve. They work on the front lines as highly knowledgeable medication experts who are committed to and care about the local communities they serve.

If you haven't considered a local independent pharmacy in the past, now more than ever is the time to know that your pharmacist has your back, because we are all in this together.

Find your local independent pharmacy today!

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Medication Experts

“They really spend the time to make sure I understand…” because your independent pharmacist is also YOUR medication expert.

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Local Community

“We live here and work here and we’re part of the community…” because your independent pharmacists are your neighbors too and part of the fabric of your community.

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Human Connection

“They treat me like a real person, they know my name, they know what I need…” because your independent pharmacist values personal attention.

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We Have Your Back

“We always go above and beyond to make sure the patient is taken care of…” because your independent pharmacist wants you to know they have your back.


Now, more than ever, your independent pharmacists are there for you, whether it is providing accessible health care support during the COVID-19 health crises or consulting customers on their medicine choices, they have your back.

Choosing a local independent pharmacy will provide added benefits to you and your family.

Cut Down Medication Costs

Independent pharmacists take time to help you save money on your prescriptions in a variety of ways. After reviewing your medications they can suggest coupons, consolidating some prescriptions, lowering dose or stopping unnecessary drugs.

Supporting Your Neighborhood

Mom-and-pop shops play a major role in creating our neighborhoods' unique characters. By shopping at local businesses, and independent pharmacies among others, patients preserve the uniqueness of their local communities.

Guide You to the Best Outcomes

Pharmacists can often personalize your medication intake — they can review all the medications you take for different things, cut, and compound to your individual's needs.

Easier On You

Dealing with independent pharmacies is easy and efficient. They often will go out of their way to make sure you can access the medication when you need it. They often have short lines for picking up prescriptions and offer same-day home delivery.

Transferring Prescriptions is Easy

Transferring your prescriptions to a local independent pharmacy is easier than you think. It is 3 easy steps and an independent pharmacist will take care of most of it for you.


STEP 1: Find an Independent Pharmacy

If you don't have a favorite independent pharmacy yet, find one using our pharmacy locator. Check all the ways the pharmacy makes it easy for you to access medication when you need it - hand-delivery options, medication packaging, etc.


STEP 2: Transferring Existing Prescriptions - One Phone Call

Ask the new independent pharmacy to transfer your profile from your old pharmacy. It only takes one phone call to transfer refills from your old pharmacy to a new one.

Transferring your profile can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days before prescriptions will be moved and can be refilled when appropriate for pickup or delivery.


STEP 3: Tell Your Doctor

Tell all of your doctors and prescribers that you have transferred to a new pharmacy and update any current prescriptions.

Ideally, you should be filling all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy, so your pharmacist can have your complete medical profile. With this information a pharmacist can be of more help to you - they can alert you to potentially dangerous interactions, suggest consolidating medications, or find more cost-effective options.