ICYMI: NCPA applauds DOJ task force on vertical integration and consolidation

NCPA May 15, 2024

Last Monday, NCPA announced its support of a new U.S. Department of Justice task force focused on corporate monopolies in the health care sector, launched on May 9. The task force, which NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey praised as “encouraging” and “long overdue,” will target consolidation and collusion in the health care industry, preventing patients from affordable, accessible services and steering them toward vertically integrated insurer PBMs.

“These corporate Frankenstein monsters use their size and leverage to starve community pharmacies by often paying them less than what the pharmacy pays for the medicine and steering community pharmacies’ patients into their own retail pharmacies, or their own mail-order and specialty pharmacies,” said Hoey in the statement. “These anticompetitive business practices are leading to reduced access to care for patients and higher prescription costs.”