Internships and Rotations


The NCPA Summer Internship Program and the NCPA Experiential Rotation in Association Management are conducted at NCPA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. The summer internship is co-sponsored by the NCPA Foundation. These opportunities provide student pharmacists with in-depth experience at a national pharmacy association and the opportunity to learn more about independent community pharmacy practice.

The goals of the summer internship and the experiential rotation are to increase student pharmacist awareness of the vast opportunities in independent community pharmacy practice and to demonstrate the importance of a national pharmacy association to the profession. The rotation students and summer intern are housed within the Professional Affairs department and work with several of the other departments in NCPA, including the Innovation Center, the Advocacy Center, and the Membership Department.

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NCPA Foundation Summer Intern Program

NCPA Foundation APPE

NCPA Summer Internship Program

The NCPA Summer Intern spends 10 weeks at NCPA headquarters beginning in May or June and receives a competitive stipend. The intern may gain up to 350 internship hours toward licensure, depending upon his or her state’s regulations. A midterm and a final report are required, and the intern is expected to complete at least one project in a mutually agreed upon area of interest.

The application is available here.

Applications for the program are due December 31. For more details or information, contact NCPA Student Affairs.

NCPA Experiential Rotation in Association Management

The experiential rotation, while flexible, is designed to be four to six weeks in duration, and is available year-round. NCPA offers in person and virtual rotations. The rotation is intended to be an elective feature of a school or college of pharmacy's curriculum-based experiential program. For additional information on activities of rotation students, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

The application is available here.

Applications may be submitted year-round. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.