Tax Analysis Center

NCPA experts have written and testified extensively about pro-growth tax reforms. Our research shows that high tax rates discourage work, saving and investment. Lowering marginal tax rates in general, and taxes on capital specifically, has the power to boost economic activity.

The NCPA believes that limiting the growth of government will encourage economic growth. An NCPA analysis of nearly a century's worth of data shows that the optimal size of the U.S. government is about 21 percent of gross domestic product. If we had stayed at the 1950 level of government spending, per capita income would be twice as high as it is today.

Tax Reform


Our Ideas in Action


Our Ideas in Progress

  • Expand Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Create Universal Roth IRAs
  • Adoption of a Simple, Flat-rate Tax System
  • Permanent Extensions for Capital Gains, Gift and Estate Tax Cuts
  • Change Tax Law to Allow Employers to Offer Employees Individually-owned, Personal and Portable Insurance