Daily Policy Digest

Healthcare and its Financial Costs to States

High healthcare costs may push states into fiscal instability...

Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition

College tuition is rising exponentially due to student loans...

Raising the Estate Tax Lowers Aggregate Capital and Output

Increasing the estate tax has an economic cost...

The Effects of Economic Sanctions on Iranian Oil and Energy

Sanctions are crippling Iran's oil and energy sectors...

Autonomous Vehicles Will Have Tremendous Impacts on Government Revenue

Autonomous vehicles could have tremendous impacts on American society and government...

Caution: 21st Century Cures Act Has Suspicious Payment Plan

A new U.S. House bill could change pharmaceutical innovation forever...INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY

Why Prices Vary for the Same Products

Price dispersion might be best explained by buyers' differing ability and willingness to shop around, rather than by market ignorance...FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF RICHMOND

Do Medical Bankruptcy Laws Affect Health Insurance Rates?

High premiums on healthcare are risking bankruptcy for American taxpayers...AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION

Eliminating Pharmaceutical Gray Markets

The elimination of gray markets is a perfect place to show the effect of free market initiative rather than government regulation...REAL CLEAR POLICY

An Effective Way for States to End the Federal Income Tax

Texas could effectively end the federal income tax by using two surprisingly simple and straightforward legislative maneuvers...CATO INSTITUTE

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