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Health Issues

Living and Deceased Organ Donation Should Be Financially Neutral Acts

Eliminating financial disincentives to donation would raise the supply of organs...

Blood Tests Could Soon Be as Easy as a Trip to The Drugstore

A new way to conduct blood tests is transforming healthcare costs...

Will Competition Arise for Multi-State Health Plans?

Recent regulations are unlikely to make the Multi-State Plan program a robust platform for health insurance competition...

Healthcare and its Financial Costs to States

High healthcare costs may push states into fiscal instability...

Caution: 21st Century Cures Act Has Suspicious Payment Plan

A new U.S. House bill could change pharmaceutical innovation forever...INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY

Do Medical Bankruptcy Laws Affect Health Insurance Rates?

High premiums on healthcare are risking bankruptcy for American taxpayers...AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION

Eliminating Pharmaceutical Gray Markets

The elimination of gray markets is a perfect place to show the effect of free market initiative rather than government regulation...REAL CLEAR POLICY

What ACA Means for Covered California

Obamacare puts California's healthcare on a road to catastrophe...

Medicare Advantage Plans and "Upcoding"

The costliest public health insurance program in the world is getting even more costly...

Drug Competition Means Big Savings

Price competition that drove generic drug prices down 80 to 90 percent could do the same for "biosimilar" drugs, a substitute for prohibitively expensive biologics...

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