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Are Employees Indifferent To Health Care Quality?

June 2, 2000

While there have been many complaints about the quality of managed health care, a new study suggests that employees are partially to blame. The study finds that employees:

  • Rank accreditation status and clinical quality very low on their list of important indicators.
  • Do not trust information about their health plan's performance available on the Internet or evaluations from participants, but do accept government certification as a measure of quality.
  • And are more concerned with whether their current physician is on their health care plan than with the quality of the plan.

Because of this, the study argues that small companies will rarely, if ever, use quality as a measure when purchasing health insurance. Rather they will look solely at price. The study suggests simplifying information on performance ratings and independently giving performance ratings on critical care. It also recommends a national education effort on health care quality.

Source: Mark W. Legnini, Laurie E. Rosenburg, Michael J. Perry, and Neil J. Robertson, "Where Does Performance Measurement Go From Here?" Health Affairs, May-June 2000.


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