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Clinton's Executive Orders

June 26, 2000

Political observers have noted that President Bill Clinton has been issuing a flurry of executive orders during his final months in office. They theorize he may be seeking to obscure his lame duck status in the White House.

  • During the first 88 months of his administration he issued an average of 3.6 executive orders a month -- but in May 2000, his 89th month in office, he issued eight such orders.
  • Clinton has issued roughly 330 executive orders -- far fewer than the record 3,728 issued by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • But with the exception of President Truman, Clinton is the only president to issue an order later declared unconstitutional -- an order stating that the federal government would no longer do business with corporations that permanently replaced striking workers.
  • One of Clinton's May orders was to issue a "Kosovo Campaign Medal with suitable appurtenances" -- even though not a single American died in Kosovo.

Source: Dan Seligman, "Executive Disorders," Forbes, July 3, 2000.


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