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Population Of Baby Boomers Peaked Last Year

July 25, 2000

The ranks of the baby boom generation have peaked and begun their long decline, as deaths begin to outpace immigration into the United States by individuals in the boomers' age cohort. That is not to say that they have reached their peak in terms of spending power and wealth, however. Demographers report their economic clout will continue to grow for many years.

According to new Census Bureau estimates:

  • Born in the period 1946-64, the number of boomers -- 15 percent of whom are immigrants -- peaked at almost 79 million last year.
  • In 2031, when the first boomers turn 85 years old, 51 million will remain.
  • By 2046, when the first boomer turns 100, their ranks will drop to 18 million -- just one in 20 Americans.
  • At current rates, the last boomer will die about 2070.

Since the most dutiful voters are to be found among persons 65 to 75 years old, the political clout of boomers will swell, analysts say. That will continue to impact debate over such issues as Medicare and Social Security.

Source: Paul Overberg, "After 54 Years, Baby Boom on the Wane," USA Today, July 25, 2000.


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