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Setting The Record Straight On The Bush Tax Plan

August 31, 2000

In his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, Al Gore charged that under the Bush tax cut plan "the average family would get about enough money to buy one extra Diet Coke a week -- about 62 cents and change." But for one reason or another, Gore had made a serious error and the next day his campaign had to correct the record.

  • The Gore people said their man meant to say "per day" rather than "per week."
  • The Bush campaign team says the average American family gets a tax cut of at least $1,600 annually under the Bush proposal.
  • That's 80 cents per working hour -- not per day or per week.
  • By contrast, the entire increase in the real wages of the average American production worker over the past eight years has been just 47 cents per hour, says former Federal Reserve Board member Lawrence B. Lindsey.

The Bush campaign claims it has done at least three things to explain his tax initiative to the electorate: it has installed a tax calculator at the Web site which will allow taxpayers to compute how much they will save under the Bush plan; it has submitted its proposals for nonpartisan costing out to the staff of Congress's Joint Committee on Taxation; and it has published a 457-page volume of fact sheets about Bush's proposals.

The Bush people are challenging the Gore camp to explain their own initiatives as fully.

Source: Lawrence B. Lindsey (Bush campaign adviser), "Let's See Your Tax Plan, Mr. Gore," Wall Street Journal, August 31, 2000.


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