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U.S. Making Anti-Corruption Strides, Survey Reveals

September 14, 2000

Transparency International has just released its latest annual Corruption Perceptions Index -- and the U.S. has improved its ranking, moving up from 18th to 14th place, based on the assessment of international business executives.

In the index of 90 countries, a rating of 10 means a country is squeaky clean and a zero means bribery is rampant.

  • The latest survey awards Finland a perfect 10 -- while Nigeria comes in at the end of the list with a 1.2 score.
  • The U.S. was graded 7.8 this year -- an improvement from 7.5 last year.
  • Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden and Canada were in the first five -- all achieving scores of 9.2 or above.
  • Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Yugoslavia kept Nigeria company at the bottom of the list.

But Frank Vogl, TI's vice chairman praised Nigerian President Olusegen Obasanjo for his efforts to fight corruption in his government. Obasanjo was a founder of Transparency International.

India, whose prime minister is now in Washington seeking new investment, took 69th place with a score of 2.8.

Source: Didi Tang, "Nigeria Is Ranked Most Corrupt; Honest Finland Gets a Perfect 10," Washington Times, September 14, 2000.


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