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July 21, 2006

At the NAACP's annual convention Thursday, President Bush championed one of the surest paths toward hope and prosperity for black American youths: school vouchers.

The president said he strongly believes in "opportunity scholarships" that would enable parents to move their child out of a school that's not teaching.

Democratic politicians at the state level know that vouchers give hope to poor kids, and they're not waiting for the teachers unions' permission to move forward, says Investor's Business Daily (IBD).  They include:

  • Both houses of Rhode Island's Democrat-dominated legislature. Rhode Island is the fifth state to embrace private school choice, with both houses passing a scholarship tax credit for private schools.
  • Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, who has expanded his state's corporate scholarship tax credits.
  • Iowa's Democratic Gov. Tom Vilsack, who this year signed a similar program into law.
  • Arizona Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano, who supports four programs using public funds for disadvantaged students to attend private schools.
  • Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who signed a bill expanding Milwaukee's voucher program this year.

Remarkably, all of these Democratic governors got significant backing for election from the public school unions, says IBD.  But serving in office, they decided to keep hope alive for poor and minority kids rather than protect a status quo that always gets an "F".

Source: Editorial, "Keeping Hope Alive," Investor's Business Daily, July 21, 2006.


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