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How Much Did The Presidential Campaign And Election Cost Taxpayers?

December 14, 2000

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation has added up the public costs of the presidential election. It found that of the nearly $700 million spent, taxpayers paid almost half.

  • Nine of the 11 presidential candidates in the primaries took a total of $61 million from taxpayers to run their campaigns -- with George W. Bush and Libertarian candidate Harry Browne rejecting public funds.
  • The GOP convention in Philadelphia cost taxpayers $46.5 million, and the Democrats' convention in Los Angeles cost another $53 million..
  • As for the general election, 37 percent of the $184 million Bush raised was public money -- while 62 percent of Al Gore's $133 million came from taxpayers.
  • Then there is the $7 million that will be spent on the inauguration.

Source: Editorial, "Our Publicly Financed Election," Investor's Business Daily, December 14, 2000.


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