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Graduation Rates Up

December 19, 2000

More Americans than ever are graduating from high school and college, and the longtime gap in high school graduation rates between white and blacks continues to narrow, according to a Census Bureau report.

  • About 84 percent of Americans 25 and older have completed high school.
  • That's up from 79.4 percent eight years ago.
  • Also, a record 25.6 percent of adults have graduated from college.
  • However, just 57 percent of Hispanic adults are high school graduates, compared with 88.4 percent of non-Hispanic whites.

The gap in high school graduation rates between blacks and whites has been cut in half over the past 10 years, with 84.9 percent of white students now completing high school compared with 78.5 percent of blacks. That compares with 79.1 percent and 66.2 percent a decade earlier.

Source: Michelle Healy, "Graduation Rates Rise to a Record," USA Today, December 19, 2000.


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