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George W. Should Check Out President Bush's Energy Plan

December 21, 2000

As the new Bush administration begins to formulate its energy policy, an official from the previous Bush White House suggests going back to that administration's plans. W. Henson Moore, Deputy Secretary of Energy under President George Bush, argues that predictions made in the 1992 National Energy Strategy have come true, and that recommendations in that report remain valid. Moore claims that the Clinton administration has done nothing for eight years, even going so far as to destroy copies of the National Energy Strategy. According to Moore:

  • The 1991 research predicted shortages by the year 2000 unless there was an increase in electric generating capacity.
  • It called for building more baseload electric generating capacity - which hasn't occurred.
  • Opening the Arctic area of Alaska to oil and gas production was proposed, but was shot down by environmentalist opposition.
  • Streamlining the re-licensing process for hydro-electric dams was ignored, again because of environmentalists who want to see dams removed, not maintained.

The result, he said, has been a loss of hydroelectric generating power.

Source: White House Bulletin, "As President-elect Bush Considers Energy Problems, He Might Consult Father's Plan," December 20, 2000.


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