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New Laws For The New Year

January 2, 2001

A number of new laws went into effect in states when January 1, 2001, arrived. As usual, they ranged from the reasonable to the ridiculous.

  • Illinois now allows day-old bread to be donated to charities without fear of civil liabilities -- but the state also banned certain flavored cigarettes.
  • Connecticut and Idaho let residents join "call-free" lists designed to curb annoying phone calls from telemarketers -- joining 18 other states with similar rules.
  • Now that auto insurance is mandatory in Mississippi and Alabama, the only states which don't require it are Wisconsin and Tennessee.
  • Mendocino County in California -- where marijuana is the chief cash crop -- became the first community to sanction growing the drug, even though the successful ballot measure conflicts with state and federal law.

Tax changes took place in nearly every state.

Source: Associated Press, "New Year Uncorks a Bevy of New Laws," USA Today, January 2, 2001.


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