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Silver Linings In Economic Downturn

January 12, 2001

The current economic slump is presenting business opportunities for some types of firms, observers report. Expanding companies are benefiting from cheaper rents and discounted office goods. And companies in particular sectors almost always do well when sales fall off among other types of businesses.

  • On-line business-to-business auction sites are growing as bankruptcies, liquidations and excess inventories mount -- making available to other businesses used office supplies such as phone systems and laptops.
  • Career consultants and job-placement firms are already seeing a slight rise in business because of lay-offs and job-security worries.
  • Accountants and financial planners are fielding calls from clients worried about their ability to withstand a possible recession.
  • Law firms are searching for bankruptcy specialists or those having some expertise in the area.

Source: Stephanie Armour, "Economic Slowdown Means Business Increase for Some," USA Today, January 12, 2001.


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