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July 14, 2006

A program on "global warming" set to debut on the Discovery Channel Sunday night "misleads the public," because it relies on "just a few scientists with a particular personal viewpoint on this subject," says a climatologist who has seen the two-hour special.

"Global Warming: What You Need to Know" is also "a disappointment" that contains "errors and misconceptions," according to Roger Pielke, Sr., professor of atmospheric sciences at Colorado State University.

He says there should have been other points included that are accepted by many climatologists, such as:

  • "Global warming" is not equivalent to climate change
  • Global and regional climate models have not demonstrated accuracy in predicting climate change or variability over decades-long periods of time
  • Controlling CO2 emissions alone is inadequate to significantly influence regional and local-scale climate.

Although the scientists represented in the program have published influential, peer-reviewed papers on the subject, and their perspective on climate change is very well known, says Pielke, they present a narrow view of the issue of natural and human climate variability and change.

Source: Randy Hall, "'Global Warming' TV Special 'Misleads Public,' Scientist Says,", July 14, 2006


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