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November 12, 2004

Poll results from the 2004 presidential election suggest that voters are supportive of public-private partnerships and reforms that will lower legal costs stemming from medical malpractice lawsuits, according to a survey commissioned by America's Health Insurance Plans.

Among the finds of the poll:

  • An estimated 49 percent of voters trust the private sector more than the government to create health care solutions, while 40 percent trust the government more.
  • About 58 percent of voters support private sector partnerships when addressing health care issues
  • Most voters (56 percent) think the current medical malpractice systems is defective, driving up health care costs and driving good doctors out of medicine.
  • In the event of a coverage dispute, about 71 percent prefer an appeals process where an independent panel of physicians would make the final decision rather than litigation against the insurer or health plan.

Overall, Americans remain generally happy with their health insurance coverage. The survey found that 83 percent of voters feel they are either very or somewhat satisfied with their coverage, while 15 percent said they were dissatisfied.

Source: "AAHP 2004 National Post-Election Survey Regarding Health Care Issues," America's Health Insurance Plans, November 2004.

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