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October 27, 2004

John Kerry has been out of the mainstream on issues of war and national security, says William Kristol of the Weekly Standard. For example, according to Kristol:

  • In 1971, Kerry noted the American military was "more guilty than any other body of violations of [the] Geneva convention."
  • In 1984, Kerry supported major cutbacks in defense and a unilateral freeze which would have weakened and United States and Europe while emboldening the Soviet Union.
  • In 1991, Kerry voted against the first Gulf War (in spite of United Nations' approval), but now cites the war as a success in comparing it to the current war.
  • In 2003, Kerry, along with 11 other senators, voted against $87 billion worth of support to troops in Iraq, even though 39 other Democratic senators voted to approve the final bill.

Just recently, Kerry even attacked Iraq's Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, after he had spoken before a joint session of Congress during a visit to the United States.

Source: William Kristol, "Never," Weekly Standard, October 18, 2004.


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