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Attack Terrorism: Buy American Stocks

September 17, 2001

By attacking Wall Street's largest building, containing many important banks and trading companies, the terrorists who struck New York City last week were looking not just to attack a symbol of capitalism, but the American economy itself in a meaningful way -- by pushing an already weak economy over the edge and sowing panic among the investor class.

However, experts contend the terrorists hate capitalism, but don't really understand it. Capitalism isn't a building, but an economic system of ordinary people doing their jobs, consumers, investors and business people all acting collectively. So use the system to prove the terrorists wrong:

  • Buy stock -- any stock -- the company is unimportant, or at least resist the impulse to sell.
  • Buy mutual funds that own shares in corporations that are symbols of our economic strength -- companies whose products are known worldwide.
  • If every American with a few dollars to spend put it in the market, we could see one of the best days in Wall Street history -- a vote of confidence in the American economy.

Buying stock in and for America, experts say, is an investment that might pay special rewards.

Source: Bruce Bartlett (NCPA), "Fight Back: Buy Stock," New York Post, September 15, 2001.


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