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Setting the Record Straight on U.S., Islamic Relationships

October 29, 2001

International observers point out that the U.S. has been friendly to Islamic causes and supported Arab objectives on more than one occasion in the past. Our history in this regard makes the events of Sept. 11 all the more incomprehensible.


  • At the very time the attacks on New York and the Pentagon were being planned, U.S. troops were on the ground defending Muslims from persecution in Bosnia and Kosovo.
  • For almost a decade, young American lives have been put at risk in the former Yugoslavia to prevent abuse of Muslim populations at the hands of more-powerful Christians.
  • As terrorists were learning to fly airplanes into American buildings, the Clinton administration was persuading Israel not only to accept a Palestinian government next door, but to share at least some sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem with Palestinian Muslims.
  • The Muslim Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been responsible for more Muslim deaths than anyone else in the world -- specifically, his war against Iran and his invasion of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia led to deaths in the millions.

The U.S. once even worked alongside Osama bin Laden in the effort to drive Soviet troops out of Afghanistan.

Observers say these are truths the U.S. must not allow the Islamic world to forget.

Source: Gerald F. Seib, "U.S. vs. Islam: Ending a Myth Is Hard to Do," Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2001.

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