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New Respect for Armed Forces on Campuses

November 26, 2001

Some observers have detected a change of attitude among college students toward the military. The events of September 11 and the military responses that followed have caused many students to view military institutions in a new and more favorable light, according to reports from schools in the New York City area in particular.

  • For example, students at Columbia University -- once a hotbed of anti-war activism -- have formed a group called Students United for Victory, which supports the military.
  • After the attacks, dozens of students at Seton Hall University in New Jersey called recruiters or talked to student advisers about joining branches of the armed services.
  • But the reactions can cut both ways -- with some students who might once have joined up now avoiding a military commitment out of a new concern for their personal safety.
  • Nevertheless, students who are in uniform report encountering a new respect from their civilian peers.

Source: David W. Chen, "On College Campuses, Students See Military with New Set of Eyes," New York Times, November 26, 2001.


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