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October 14, 2004

John Kerry's (D-MA) healthcare plan will have a substantial impact on American taxpayers, says a new report by the D.C.-based Americans for Tax Reform.

Under the Kerry Plan:

  • The average taxpayer will have to pay an additional $969 per year or nearly $10,000 over the next decade in higher taxes.
  • An estimated 60 percent of the funding pays for people who are already insured; thus, American families will have to pay $568 per year in order to finance health insurance for those who already have it.

The report contends that Kerry will not be able to fund his new proposals simply by raising taxes on those with incomes over $200,000. Furthermore, the researchers say Kerry's claim of raising $300 billion by eliminating corporate welfare from the federal budget is unrealistic.

All told, Americans for Tax Reform says Kerry's healthcare plan will likely cost about $1.5 trillion over the next decade -- far more than the $653 billion predicted by the Kerry campaign.

Source: "Sen. John Kerry's Healthcare Plan Costs," Americans for Tax Reform, October 2004.

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