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Clone, Hype and Spin (II)

December 6, 2001

Despite the recent hype from Advanced Cell Technology (ACT): no human has been cloned, and their efforts so far has been an utter failure, says National Review Online editor Jonah Goldberg.

  • ACT inserted genetic materials from two different types of cells into the nucleus of an unfertilized human egg and of the 11 eggs injected, none divided.
  • Repeating the procedure using cumulus cells, three of eight eggs actually divided, one growing to six cells before dying -- which scientists say often happens without the aid of genes at all.

Commenting on ACT's research in a USA Today story, oncologist Bert Vogelstein of Johns Hopkins University, who headed a National Academy of Sciences panel that supported stem cell cloning research says "I wouldn't even call it cloning."

Source: Jonah Goldberg (National Review Online), "Let's Address the Why of Cloning before the How,", November 28, 2001; Dan Vergano, "Researchers Fear Political Fallout," USA Today, November 27, 2001.


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