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Executions in U.S. Decreased Last Year

December 11, 2001

The Justice Department reports 13 fewer executions in 2000 than the previous year. Fourteen states executed 85 prisoners last year.

  • Those executed -- 83 men and two women -- spent an average of 11 years and five months on death row, six months less than those executed in 1999.
  • The executed prisoners included 43 whites, 35 blacks, six Hispanics and one American Indian.
  • Eighty of the executions were by lethal injection and five by electrocution.
  • Forty were executed in Texas, 11 in Oklahoma, eight in Virginia, six in Florida, five in Missouri, four in Alabama, three in Arizona and two in Arkansas -- as well as one each in six other states.

At year's end 2000, 37 of 38 states with capital punishment, plus the federal government, held 3,539 men and 54 women on death row.

Between 1990 and 2000, the number of inmates sentenced to death increased 52 percent -- a period in which prison populations nationwide grew by 79 percent.

Source: Jerry Seper, "Executions in U.S. Down by 13 in 2000," Washington Times, December 11, 2001.


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