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"Bias" Blasts The News Mongers

December 26, 2001

"Bias," by 28-year veteran CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg exposes the pervasive liberal bent of television news, according to reviewers. Bias is so pervasive, in fact, that network anchors like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings are oblivious to it.

Among the examples in Goldberg's best seller:

  • In a chapter entitled "How Bill Clinton Cured Homelessness," Goldberg notes that "In 1990, when George Bush was president, there were 71 homeless stories on the ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN evening newscasts. But in 1995, when Bill Clinton was in the White House, the number had gone down to just nine!"
  • A typical 1996 CBS news broadcast strongly implied that average teen-agers were contracting AIDS by having "unprotected" heterosexual sex, whereas "almost all of these teen-age AIDS cases involve homosexual sex or IV drugs or tainted blood."
  • Also typically, Peter Jennings, when calling the roll of U.S. Senators during President Clinton's 1999 impeachment trial, identified several Republican senators as "conservative" but didn't identify a single Democratic senator as "liberal" (in Jennings' world, leftist Democrats are "moderates").

Goldberg started having problems when in a 1996 Wall Street Journal op-ed he took CBS correspondent Eric Engberg to task over a report on the CBS Evening News. Engberg spoke of Steve Forbes's "Number One Wackiest Flat-Tax Promise" and interviewed three liberal economists -- none identified as such -- and zero conservatives.

Sources: Mona Charen, "What Bias?", December 21, 2001; Rich Tucker, "Media Heresy,", December 21, 2001.


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