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Efforts Proceed on Greenhouse Gas Cuts

February 1, 2002

Even though headlines concerning global warming and greenhouse gases have largely disappeared along with Al Gore, countries and companies are still looking for cost-effective ways to cut gas emissions.

  • The British government is preparing to pay companies there which reduce their emissions.
  • The European Union, Britain and Norway are moving ahead with plans for complex trading systems -- which would allow companies the right to buy and sell the right to emit gases.
  • Even in the U.S. -- which has abandoned the Kyoto global warming treaty -- companies are experimenting with emissions reductions.
  • The World Economic Forum, now meeting in New York, is working with automakers to get them to agree to a program of self-regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Dutch government is investing the equivalent of $26 million in projects that will clean up outmoded plants and foster alternative energy sources from Romania to Latin America. In exchange for the money, the Netherlands will get to count the reductions from these programs against its own emission targets. The World Bank is working on a similar program.

Cynergy, a U.S. power generator, is undertaking demonstration projects that involve growing crops that trap carbon dioxide before it leaks into the atmosphere.

Source: Geoff Winestock, "Effort to Cut Greenhouse Gases Percolates on Back Burner," Wall Street Journal, February 1, 2002.


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