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EPA Funnels Millions to Activists and Others

March 8, 2002

The Environmental Protection Agency doles out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year to non-profit organizations -- many of which have nothing to do with clean air and water. This is money that both the Inspector General and the General Accounting Office have said is handed out with no public notice, no competition and virtually no accountability.

  • From 1993 to 2001, tax-exempt non-profit organizations walked away from the EPA with $2 billion, according to documents obtained by the Landmark Legal Foundation.
  • The EPA's top six non-profit recipients weren't even environmental organizations, but senior citizen groups -- such as AARP, which got $99 million.
  • Thirteen of 19 major groups which form a coalition called Friends of the Hudson -- comprised of activists dedicated to making General Electric clean up the river -- received EPA funds.
  • A General Accounting Office report has charged EPA with problems including "spending funds for unallowable activities such as lobbying."

Following a Landmark request for the names of the non-profits EPA was funding, agency officials had hard drives erased and back-up e-mail tapes destroyed -- in direct violation of a federal judge's order.

"This is an agency that requires others to account for parts per billion in chemicals yet which can't account for its own budget," comments Landmark President Mark Levin.

Source: Editorial, "Under the Influence," Wall Street Journal, March 8, 2002; Associated Press, "EPA Gives $2B to Nonprofits," February 12, 2002.


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