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Governors' Mansions -- Not Washington -- May Be Destination Of Women In 2002

April 15, 2002

The political battlegrounds for female candidates this year will probably be at the state, rather than the national level, observers say.

  • There are now 60 women in the U.S. House of Representatives and 13 in the Senate -- and their numbers could rise or even fall in 2002, analysts say.
  • But there are 36 governorships up for grabs this fall -- and women are credible candidates in a dozen races.
  • Women now occupy governors' mansions in five states.
  • Seventeen of the nation's governors -- virtually half of those whose offices are at stake -- are not running for reelection this fall.

While neither party is ignoring the prospects of electing women to Congress, the opportunities seem to be greatest at the state level. So that is where female candidates seem to be focusing their attention as election day approaches.

Source: Adam Clymer, "In 2002, a Woman's Place May Be in the Statehouse," New York Times, April 15, 2002.


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