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Fathers Stepped Up Child Support In The '90s

October 28, 2002

The number of mothers who received all the child support they were due increased by more than 25 percent in the late 1990s, the Census Bureau reports. A strong economy and stricter enforcement were major factors, bureau analysts pointed out.

  • More than 2.8 million women collected all the child support owed them, more than 46 percent of the mothers entitled to payments in 1999.
  • That was an increase from nearly 2.2 million -- or almost 37 percent -- of the mothers owed support in 1993.
  • More custodial mothers worked, fewer lived in poverty and fewer collected public assistance between 1993 and 1999 -- due in great part to the welfare reforms which took effect in 1996.
  • The proportion of custodial mothers who received none of the child support they were owed remained relatively unchanged at 25 percent over the six-year period.

Among custodial fathers, about 248,000 out of 658,000, almost 38 percent, received the full amount of child support from absent mothers.

Source: Associated Press, "Child Support Payments to Mothers Improved From '93 to '99," New York Times, October 27, 2002.


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