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College Minority Programs Create Segregated Campuses

December 16, 2002

Programs established to help minority students represent a form of racism and have led to segregation on many campuses nationwide. So concludes a new survey released by the New York Civil Rights Coalition.

  • The coalition cited such innovations as ethnicity-themed dorms, multicultural offices and centers, minority-specific orientation programs, and courses and departments with a politically-correct slant for taking the civil rights movement "giant steps backward" and disseminating "poisonous stereotypes and falsehoods about race and ethnicity."
  • Schools criticized in the survey and profiled include George Washington University, Georgetown, Stanford, Wesleyan, Amherst, Pennsylvania State, Cornell, Oberlin College, Princeton and Yale.
  • Michael Meyers, the coalition's executive director and the initiator of the survey, charges that such programs are paternalistic and racist, and that college officials who promote them assume minority students cannot succeed without help.
  • The report, "The Stigma of Inclusion: Racial Paternalism/Separatism in Higher Education," analyzed bulletins, course catalogues, publications and Web sites of 50 public and private colleges and universities.

Educators and civil libertarians said they found the coalition's report "troubling and sad and absolutely accurate."

Source: Ellen Sorokin, "Study Rips College Minority Programs," Washington Times, December 16, 2002.

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