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War in Iraq is Necessary

January 14, 2003

While some commentators suggest an attack on Iraq might hurt America's war on terrorism by alienating its partners, in reality such an attack is essential in the effort to stamp out al Qaeda, says Reuel Marc Gerecht, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

According to Gerecht:

  • America's European allies know the Islamist threat is directed at both continents and the best way to face it is in partnership with the United States.
  • Without the war to remove Saddam Hussein, it is likely that counter-terrorist efforts of "allied" intelligence and security services in the Muslim world will diminish, if not end entirely.
  • Self-interest and fear of American power, not feelings of fraternity and common purpose, are what will glue together any lasting international effort against terrorism.

President Bush has defined himself and America by his axis-of-evil, regime change policy toward Iraq. However Washington now conducts itself toward individual Arab states, it should be obvious that if the Bush administration fails to go to war against Hussein, we will lose enormous face throughout the region and return to the pre-9/11 pattern of timidity that Osama bin Laden so effectively underscored in his writings and speeches.

Source: Reuel Marc Gerecht, "A Necessary War," On the Issues, American Enterprise Institute, October 2002.


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