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Time to Change Partners

March 17, 2003

India may become a strategic partner with the United States in the coming century, says Thomas Donnelly.

  • Not only is India the world's largest democracy -- with a population of one billion -- it is an increasingly stable one.
  • It also boasts the world's largest Muslim population -- more than 120 million -- that is genuinely free.
  • And compared to the ethnic violence in neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh, India is surprisingly tolerant.

Hindu fundamentalism does not reject modernity, claims Donnelly. And the Indian government has behaved with striking responsibility over the past year, even at the height of tensions with Pakistan over Kashmir.

With the "war on terror" intimidating our tired dance partners in Old Europe, perhaps President Bush would do well to discard them and turn his attention to New Delhi, he concludes.

Source: Thomas Donnelly, "Time to Woo India?" American Enterprise, March 2003, American Enterprise Institute.


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