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Stopping the Next Jayson Blair

May 28, 2003

The Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times has engendered more commentary than any similar press scandal Bruce Bartlett can recall. In part, this is due to the gross politicization of the New York Times under its executive editor and publisher, Howell Raines and Arthur Sulzberger III, respectively.

According to Bartlett:

  • Editorial opinion and news stories have become blurred to a greater extent than anytime in the paper's history.
  • Apparently, no one seriously complained or asked for corrections when they saw stories that were patently false and contained quotes that were never uttered.
  • The Times ignored many of those who did raise concerns.

Bartlett finds it amazing that so many people who were abused by Blair just said, "to hell with it" or "why bother."

He says they may even have felt that this sort of thing is standard at the Times. Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz has called this possibility "pretty depressing stuff."

Source: Bruce Bartlett, "Stopping the Next Jayson Blair," National Center for Policy Analysis, May 28, 2003.


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