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August 25, 2004

The Bush administration's recent decision to reposition thousands of troops worldwide will enable the United States to better handle terrorism and security threats.

The move is an ideal one on three levels:

  • Geographically -- instability in the Middle East and south Asia has now replaced the decades-long Soviet threat.
  • Politically -- moving troops out of Germany and into Eastern Europe will expand US allies in the region.
  • Strategically -- expanding the use of existing sea bases (such as Guam) will enable the United States to launch precision weapons on warships without having to get permission from foreign governments.

Moreover, the changes will make it easier on troops who have families, since about 100,000 military families will return home.

The Bush administration also plans to close some domestic military bases in May 2005. According to the Pentagon, there is a 24 percent excess capacit, and closing some bases could save billions of dollars.

Source: Editorial, "Bringing Troops Home," Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2004.

For WSJ text (subscription required),,SB109269856786493031,00.html


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