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States Are Joining With Unions to Halt Job Exodus

June 3, 2003

Prodded by union bosses, some state officials are attempting to use the power of law to keep jobs from flowing overseas.

  • Bills to keep jobs in the United States are pending in at least five states -- New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri and Washington.
  • The bills employ a variety of methods -- including blocking companies from using foreign workers on state contracts and requiring foreign call-center employees to identify where they are located.
  • During the booming 1990s, full employment masked the exodus of jobs overseas -- but the trend has become more apparent in today's struggling economy.
  • By one estimate, several million U.S. jobs are expected to move offshore in the next 12 years, lured by lower wages -- particularly to India.

While the transfer in the last decade largely involved manufacturing jobs, this time around white-collar jobs are in play.

Source: Michael Schroeder, "States Fight Exodus of Jobs," Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2003.


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