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Teachers Well-Paid, Study Finds

June 3, 2003

When considered on an hourly basis, public school teacher salaries are handsome compensation, a new study from the Hoover Institution finds. According to University of Missouri economist Michael Podgursky:

  • During the 2000-2001 school year, teachers made an average of $43,250 -- whereas mid-level accountants made an average of $52,664.
  • But teachers usually have their summers off and they enjoy fringe benefits that are superior to those available in most of the private sector.
  • When salaries are computed on an hourly basis, teachers generally earn more than registered nurses, accountants, engineers and other middle-class workers.

The president of the politically powerful teachers' union, the American Federation of Teachers, dismissed the study as "mechanical bean-counting."

Source: Fredreka Schouten, "Public School Teachers' Hourly Pay Tops Many Professions, Study Finds," USA Today, June 3, 2003; based on Michael Podgursky, "Fringe Benefits," Education Next, Spring 2003, Hoover Institution.


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