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State of Insecurity

November 20, 2003

Despite the federal government's increased push to tie immigration enforcement to national security, states continue to adopt policies that flout federal immigration law.

A new Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) report has found:

  • A number of jurisdictions have maintained and adopted policies designed to shield people who are violating federal immigration laws.
  • Some 165 communities nationwide have gone on record in condemning the PATRIOT Act, and have instituted non-cooperation polices with those efforts.
  • Virginia, New Jersey, and Florida - states that issued driver's licenses to the 9-11 hijackers, have tightened their driver's license policies, but the effort in other state to make driver's licenses available to illegal aliens has intensified.
  • Policies have been adopted in 13 states to recognize the Mexican consular document as a valid form of identification; these cards are issued primarily to illegal aliens.

Unless the White House exerts much stronger leadership, say the authors, the state patchwork of inconsistent policies will continue to be a primary avenue used by foreign terrorists to exploit the system and enter the country.

Source: John L. Martin, Ira Mehlman, and Alison Green, "State Undermining Immigration Enforcement, FAIR Report Shows," Federation for American Immigration Reform, September 2003.


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