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Wealthiest Americans Support Democrats

April 1, 2004

Despite the claims of John Kerry and the Democrats that President Bush represents the interests of the wealthiest Americans, it is Kerry and the Democrats who enjoy lavish donations from the majority of America's wealthiest individuals, according to the American Spectator.

The top nine individual contributors, says the Spectator, gave exclusively to Democrats in the last election cycle. Overall, from the top12 individual donors in the 2002 campaign, Democrats enjoyed nearly $35 million in contributions compared to less than $1 million for Republicans. Similarly,

  • Since 1998, Bill Gates, the richest man in America, has contributed three times more money to Democrats than to Republicans.
  • Warren Buffett and Paul Allen, America's 2nd and 3rd richest men, respectively, donate overwhelmingly to the left -- for instance, Allen has given over $150,000 to Democrats and no reported gifts to the GOP over the last three election cycles.
  • Multibillionaire George Soros has reportedly pledged $15 million to to defeat President Bush.

Despite the passage of McCain-Feingold, which prevents parties from accepting giant contributions to use for issue ads, the American Spectator observes, money continues to find its way into the 2004 elections. Instead of the usual channels, big donors have turned to bundling contributions with other like-minded individuals or through political advocacy groups as a way around the restrictions.

Source: Timothy P. Carney, "Shutting Out the Social Right," American Spectator, February 2004.


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