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July 26, 2004

Registration of information from clinical drug trials in the United States is haphazard at best, says Robert Steinbrook in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • In the United States, "public registration" of clinical trials and their results is only required for some trials.
  • Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) releases extensive information about trials that support the approval of a drug coming to market, there is no comprehensive public database for trials where a drug or device fails.

According to Steinbrook, any national registry must include all trials by sponsored government agencies, universities, and private companies. Every trial should have a unique identifier, and all results from registered trials should be made public.

An international system of registries would go even further, says Steinbrook, but such a huge project would require the coordination of a number of countries and their medical systems.

Source: Robert Steinbrook, M.D., "Public Registration of Clinical Trials," New England Journal of Medicine, July 22, 2004.


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