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Kerry's Voting Record and New Proposals: Spend and Spend Some More

April 8, 2004

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) has promised fiscal responsibility and middle-class tax cuts as part of his platform for president. However, in its yearly analysis of congressional spending proposals and voting records, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) suggests there is little reason to believe him.

In a review of Kerry's presidential campaign, the NTU has tallied the new spending associated with his fiscal promises. Altogether, Kerry has proposed ideas which would lead to increased spending of $276.9 billion per year, or $2.769 trillion over 10 years. For instance,

  • Kerry proposes to increase health care spending $89.9 billion to offer coverage for every child in America and subsidize those who can't afford insurance.
  • On education, Kerry intends to increase expenditures $56.6 billion, with almost half for school renovation.
  • New spending proposals on the economy, such as state assistance and extension of unemployment benefits, will cost about $45.3 billion every year.

The military is also planned to receive a tidy sum of $46 billion, which will go primarily toward mandatory funding for veterans health care. Kerry has yet to state whether additional spending will go toward agriculture, housing or election reform.

Similarly, Kerry's voting record does not exactly suggest major spending or tax relief. Over the last 12 years, NTU researchers have given Kerry's voting record on major bills affecting taxes, spending and debt a failing grade of "F" in all but one session. Since 1991, Kerry sponsored or cosponsored bills totaling $195.1 billion in new spending --ranking him among the top-15 Democrats in most spending in each of the last 6 years.

Source: "Tax & Fiscal Information for Senator John Kerry," National Taxpayers Union and National Taxpayers Union Foundation, March 8, 2004.


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