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D.C. Parents Want Choices

April 21, 2004

There is plenty of evidence that many parents in Washington, D.C., support educational choices that will allow students to escape failing public schools, according to the Washington Post.

Under a congressionally approved, publicly funded scholarship program beginning next fall, some students are eligible to receive as much as $7,500 a year in tuition, fees and transportation costs to attend private or parochial schools in the city.

  • D.C. Parents for School Choice, a group that worked hard for passage of the new scholarship program, has presented a list to the scholarship fund of more than 1,400 families representing 3,000 students who are interested in the voucher program.
  • Already, more than 13,000 children have abandoned the regular public schools for public charter schools.
  • The District, with 37 public charter schools, is among the leaders of the nationwide charter-school movement.

The D.C. public school system is "plagued by cost overruns, mismanaged payrolls, and an administration incapable of purchasing enough toilet paper and books," says the Post.

Source: Editorial, "One Verdict on Vouchers," Washington Post, April 21, 2004.


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