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June 8, 2006

In Nature magazine's June 1, 2006, issue, scientists demonstrate in three new studies that the area near the North Pole was a balmy 74 degrees Fahrenheit 55 million years ago. That was obviously long before the invention of the wheel, let alone the advent of hydrocarbon scares or the internal-combustion engine.

Using cutting-edge technology, the scientists removed core samples from beneath the Arctic Ocean to examine the physical evidence and establish their findings.

  • Mark Pagani, a Yale University geology professor and co-author of one of the studies, says the area surrounding the North Pole was once similar to Florida's present-day topography: "Imagine a world where there are dense sequoia trees and cypress trees like in Florida that ring the Arctic Ocean."
  • These studies argue that the earth experienced an extended period of natural global warming millions of years ago, caused by an unexplained increase in carbon dioxide levels.

According to the Boston Globe report on the studies, "scientists already knew that this 'thermal event' happened but are not sure what caused it." The possible causes cited by the Boston Globe include "massive releases of methane from the ocean, the continent-sized burning of trees, lots of volcanic eruptions."

Source: "Nature Magazine Provides Latest 'Inconvenient Truth' for Globetrotter Al Gore: Climate Change is a Natural Occurrence," Center for Individual Freedom. June 1, 2006.

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