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March 8, 2006

Changes in America's $1.7 trillion health care system, little by little, are following the well-worn path of every major consumer trend in our society, says Steve Case of Revolution LLC. These changes put more power in the hands of the consumer, meaning greater choice, greater personal control and greater convenience.

There are four trends driving the health care revolution, says Case:

  • A shifting of the cost of health care from employers to consumers -- coming faster than was imagined a few years ago, and accelerating more each year.
  • A demand for more efficiency, cost savings and convenience in health care -- a demand that comes increasingly from patients themselves, as they do more of the paying.
  • A desire for more information about health care choices, and more tools and services to manage our health care lives; and
  • A desire to live longer, healthier, more active lives, fueled by a greater awareness of the role of prevention and wellness in enabling such a future.

Consumers win, because money means power and consumers have more power because they control more of the money, says Case.

Source: Steve Case, "Changing the Character of the Health Care Revolution," Heartland Institute, February 2006.


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