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Wind Power's Future in U.S. Could Be Thwarted by Grassroots Opposition

June 28, 2017

Senior fellow Thomas Hemphill's article is featured in Real Clear Energy:

The luster is coming off wind power as an economically viable, environmentally friendly, community-friendly source of America's energy future--and for some very good reasons. To start, rural residents across America are increasingly rejecting the encroachment of wind-energy projects in their communities whenever they get a chance to voice their opinions in local ballots.

The Manhattan Institute's Robert Bryce reported in National Review ("Big Wind Gets Spanked in Michigan") that citizens in 37 jurisdictions in 10 different U.S. states have rejected or restricted the expansion of wind power in local referenda so far this year. Our home state of Michigan is a bellwether of this trend, as voters in 20 rural towns in the "Thumb region" rejected wind-power ballot initiatives in May.

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