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Health Jobs Grow 1.5 Times Faster Than Non-Health Jobs

December 5, 2016

Senior fellow John R. Graham writes at NCPA's Health blog:

This morning's jobs report maintained the trend of high growth in health services, which grew 1.5 times faster than non-health jobs (0.18 percent versus 0.12 percent). With 28,000 jobs added, health services accounted for almost one in six of 178,000 new jobs.

The disproportionately high share of job growth in health services is a deliberate outcome of Obamacare. While this trend persists, it will become increasingly hard to carry out reforms that will improve productivity in the delivery of care.

Ambulatory sites added jobs at a much faster rate than hospitals. This was concentrated in offices of physicians and other practitioners, and outpatient care centers. Physicians' offices alone added 7,000 jobs, more than the 6,000 jobs added by hospitals. This is a good sign because hospitals are high-cost locations of care versus doctors' offices and other ambulatory sites.

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