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What's Really Going on with the Latest Clinton Email Scandal

November 8, 2016

NCPA Senior Fellow David Grantham writes for Townhall:

Numerous requests to comment on James Comey's latest decision on the Hillary email scandal compelled me to respond.

First: Any subsequent investigation into the email issue was set up to fail the moment James Comey decided to create an artificial measure of intent back in July. Recall that the FBI Director invented what I call the "Comey Intent Clause," which essentially said a lawbreaker who meant no harm never actually broke the law. Even a novice lawyer knows that determining whether someone broke national security laws is not predicated on whether that person intended to cause harm by doing so. A crime is committed when someonebreaks the law; the reasons for doing so are factored into the punishment.

That artificial qualification now requires the FBI to prove that Clinton and others intended to harm the United States. The latest email recovery would have to find something akin to Clinton knowingly providing nuclear information to the Russians or military maneuvers to ISIS. It would have to be that dramatic because, remember, she meant no harm.

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