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Divergence in Private Versus Public Health Facilities Construction Continues in September

November 2, 2016

Senior Fellow John R. Graham writes at NCPA's Health blog:

Construction of health facilities slowed in September, along with other construction. Overall, health facilities construction starts declined 0.3 percent in September, versus a drop of 0.4 percent for other construction. Health facilities construction accounted for 6 percent of non-residential construction starts. However, the divergence between private and public continued.

Construction of private health facilities dropped 1.0 percent, versus a drop of 0.2 percent for other private construction. Private health facilities construction starts accounted for almost 8 percent of private nonresidential construction starts. Construction of public health facilities increased a whopping 2.4 percent, versus a drop of 1.0 percent for other public construction. Is this what they mean by "infrastructure" spending -- broken bridges and roads, while more VA and county hospitals spring up?

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