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What NCPA Experts Said about Last Night's Debate

October 20, 2016

Here's a short overview of their responses to the Trump/Clinton face off last night:

NCPA Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal:

"The candidates discussed policy, but neither were very familiar with their own tax and economic plans!  Hillary Clinton's plan will produce less of a 10-year deficit than Donald Trump's plan, but her tax increases will only cover half of her proposed $1 trillion in new spending.  Trump's plan will no doubt grow the economy but will leave a deficit of $7 trillion over 10 years.  Both candidates need to face that fact that spending cuts are in order.  Even a robust economy will not cover a multi-trillion deficit, and anticipated revenue from tax increases will be less than expected.  As far as entitlements, again, Donald Trump's pro-growth policies and Hillary's tax increases will not make Social Security and Medicare solvent over the long run.  These are band-aid approaches that ignore real reforms."

NCPA Executive Director Allen West:

 "There are truly two critical issues for the American people -- economic growth and national security. When it comes to trust in our government, it is at an all-time low and we need to restore our rule of law and not create a SCOTUS that is used to advance ideological agendas. The decision about what type of country we shall be is truly in the hands of the American people. The seminal question that should have been posed this evening is, 'How do you define liberty?' We are just three weeks away from determining how we shall advance liberty and empower Americans -- not just a politically and ideologically determined few."

Health Economist and NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick writes:

"The previous debates virtually ignored Obamacare. This debate was no exception. Health care is arguably the one topic that effects all Americans. The rising cost of medical care is something that rivals mortgage payments for most Americans. When will the candidates talk about the issues that effects all Americans' lives?"

NCPA Legislative Director Brian Williams:

"Debt. Entitlements. Immigration. Economic growth. Supreme Court. Foreign hot spots. Fitness to be President.  Those were the topics on the agenda for last night's debate.  The debate touched on each of those topics (some more fleetingly than others), but a substantive examination of the topics, let alone an outcome, failed to materialize.  Instead, the bulk of the debate was spent using the policy topics to sling insults at each other.  The morning-after conversation was shocked that Donald Trump talked about rigged elections instead of conceding right there on the debate stage.  But even MSNBC's Morning Joe acknowledged the long history of partisan bickering about rigged elections (  In the end, the debate probably didn't move the electoral needle either way.  For Americans interested in policy, the debate was probably a waste of time.  Who won last night's debate?  In my opinion, the winner was Chris Wallace, who was the best moderator of all the debates this year."


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